Hello Bullhouse fans.


Maths was never my strong point at school, (E in AS) but I thought I knew if I was doing two jobs, and took one away, that would leave me with a bit more free time.


Alas, I’m working harder than ever trying to brew as many beers as my little brewhouse will let me. Currently at max capacity but I’m putting a new fermenter in next week which will allow me to double capacity to 50,000 litres per year. This is still a ridiculously tiny amount in the world of beer but we’re getting there.


Trick or treat? Treats, treats and more treats.


The current range of 2 are proudly expecting unidentical twins to bring the core canned family up to 4. Proud to say Bullhouse is still the only brewer in NI to have the entire core range in cans. Apart from being more environmentally friendly, it’s much much better for the quality of the beer as the cans are completely impermeable to light.


The first new beer is being released next week. A 4.0% all day drinker. Lick your lips, it’s going on your hips… Glug glug lager time.


I was gutted to miss Portrush Beer and Food Fest last weekend, looked like a great festival, one of the best NI has to offer and hopefully Bullhouse will be there next year. I was in Oslo drowning my sorrows on 12 quid pints.


At the end of the month I’ll be doing a little bit of a celebration about going full time at a lovely little venue in Belfast. Beer lovers (who I also love) will be getting personal invitations towards the end of next week so let me know if you’re interested in coming along. And if you don’t get an invitation it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. But it will be invite only so please do let me know if you’re interested.


I am also planning on launching something quite big in November. Something along the lines of the ideal Christmas present for any beer lover…


In the run up to Christmas I’m looking to grow our export markets, currently limited to a tiny amount in Scotland and England.


Did someone mention Christmas? A firm fan favourite from last year will be returning. Quest for the Milky Whey 2017 will be back and is tasting better than ever, with a lot more to go round this year!


If you would like me to add you to our mailing list. Drop me a line at info@bullhousebeer.co.uk and I’ll get you signed up or else follow this link to the signup form! Easy as 123.


Until next time.